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My dog Nyko was gradually losing the use of his back legs for the last year of his life and was completely immobile for the last few weeks. I bought him a Best Friends Mobility doggie wheelchair and it was amazing! It was easy to get him into the chair, fit him perfectly, and the first time in it he took off running! Up and down hills, stairs, pavement and grass without a problem and with very minimal help from me. I will NEVER forget the twinkle of happiness I saw in his eyes when he was able to get up and get moving again. At 13+ years old his puppy spirit shone through and I could see and FEEL his joy and thankfulness. This is a really great product, worth every single penny, and I wholeheartedly would recommend Best Friends Mobility chairs. Thank you from me. Thank you from Nyko. You may never fully understand the difference you made, but it was HUGE.

– KR Smith, Long Island NY

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